Social Tastings

We are delighted to debut our pop-up social tasting series.

The premiere 2018 season is set to deliver an array of themed, pop-up events where you, yes you, are part of the experience.

If you're wondering what that entails, well you'd have to participate to truly grasp what we have designed. However, we will divulge this tidbit: no two tastings are ever the same, even if we reuse an activity and name. 

Each self-guided tasting lasts three hours and is set for a limited number of participants and/or guests. The difference between a participant and a guest is the latter is not a ticket holder. 

An RSVP lets our host know to expect you as a guest, but the tasting experience is reserved solely for ticket holders.

Although some of the tastings may welcome non-ticketed guests, purchasing a ticket reserves your tasting materials and heightens your experience.  

That pretty much covers the basics. But, if you have any burning questions, tweet, text or use our contact form and ask away.


2018 Themes:

✧ C’est Blanc

✧ Jardin Rosé ✧

✧ Open Season  ✧

✧ It's a Nouveau Day ✧

All tastings are restricted to a mature audience that is 21 and over. 

Tickets are transferable, but non-refundable.